Felice Herman '11: Is delaying graduate school the end of the world?

Felice Herman Headshot

The rational part of your brain says, “Of course not – you will get there eventually!”  As a graduating senior in 2011 and in the midst of a still struggling job market, I was absolutely sure that my dreams of obtaining my PhD in archaeology were slipping away.  Before senior year, I had a plan—receive […]

Perspective Types: Accounting/Investment/Business Administration/Finance, After Graduation, Graduate School, International
Industry Tags: Non-Profit, Budget Management, Foundation, Archaelogy
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Ryan Bremer '97: What should you consider when applying for your first job?

ryan bremer

I have interviewed a lot of college students and graduates for internships and entry-level positions. Almost all of them have been very professional and have had a good interview demeanor. Their resumes are well-organized, descriptive, and free of errors. I could tell that they had written several drafts and solicited a lot of advice on […]

Perspective Types: After Graduation, Job Search
Industry Tags: IT, Non-Profit
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